Kylie Jenner literally broke Google with her Lip Kits

Too much pout for the internet today.

Kim Kardashian attempted (and sorta succeeded) in once breaking the internet, but we can leave it to King Kylie to ACTUALLY go ahead and break the WWW - well Google to be more specific.

Keeping up with Kylie's Snapchat kept us all well-informed of her Lip Kit sales yesterday, and everyone being as obsessed as they are jumped online all at once to get their lip juice.

What started as ~technical difficulties~ ended up in Google having a full-blown nervous breakdown.

Google was all like:

"I broke Google?!" Kylie exclaimed.

Her assistant/whoever it is sitting next to her explains that:

"Google cannot track it. You got this email... 'You broke Google Analytics, there over 200,000 on the site and it's just too much for Google.' You literally broke Google."


At least all those peeps will be rocking a gorj pout.


In other KJ news, later that day she revealed it has officially been a year since she joined Snapchat, and what a glorious year it has been.

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