Kylie Jenner proves she isn't using cosmetic surgery to achieve this ~look~

Unleashes the sass.

Kylie Jenner has had just about enough of everyone slaggin' off her lips, cos that was sooo totally 2015 guys.

Get with the times, right?

In a Snapchat montage that's of typical Kylie manner, she shows off her epic pout in a series of selfies and chats where she has a major eyeroll at the fact that people are still commenting on the size of her lips.

"Everyone thinks I keep making my lips bigger but this is them normally [she relaxes her face] and this is when i do my little face," she explains.

She then went on to prove that a puckered pout goes a long way in getting that desired look.

"The fact that we even still talk about my lips is so crazy," she adds.

Might we mention the ~perf~ shade of Candy K she has doused on her lips, on the same day of her massive Lip Kit sellout?


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