Kylie Jenner is apparently in a love triangle with Tyga AND another dude

It's basically Twilight right now.

By Sammy Stewart

Kylie Jenner just celebrated her BF Tyga's birthday and it seems (for the first time in yonks) that all is well with the couple.

But as we all know, the internet doesn't like it when celebs are being normal, so as a result we now have our 2016 version of Twilight; Kylie Jenner is Bella, Tyga is Edward (lolz) and a rapper named 21 Savage appears to be the Jacob of the situation and is here to steal Tyga's gurl.

Basically, the internet reckons - and has evidence- that Kylie Jenner has stolen the heart of another rapper. It all started when 21 Savage re-tweeted a photo of Kylie modelling her new clothing collection with the caption, ""😍😍😍".

At first glance, this would appear to be simply a bit of ~admiration~ for Ky, right? Well, not according to the interwebs. Fans seem to think Kylie and Savage have been having a ~passionate~ love affair on the DL for quite some time... behind Tyga's back.

To make matters even shadier, the fans supporting this theory have flooded Tyga's Instagram with "21" comments...

Meanwhile, Twitter has been having a field day with the 21 vs Tyga memes:

Need some more evidence? Just last week Kylie Snapchatted herself listening to 21's track Savage Mode.

And the cherry to top it all off? Back in July this year, 21 flat out told the world he was on a mission to win the affections of Miss Kylizzle, in the shadiest way possible:

Yep, that happened.

Despite all the evidence, Kylie doesn't follow 21 on any social media platforms, so we don't think Tyga has anything to worry about.