Kendall admits what Kylie Jenner can't stand about her

Typical sisters.

By Bianca Mastroianni

We're not gonna lie, we have all mastered the art of stealing our siblings' clothes.

We've also ALL felt this irrational fear whilst doing it:

Twitter | rantingkmn
Twitter | rantingkmn

But no matter how big or small the wardrobe, it's a globally known practice for all siblings to rummage through each other's things, and Kendall and Kylie are no stranger to this.

Kendall has shared on her website that she's 3000% guilty as charged.

"Admission of guilt: I always used to steal clothes from Kylie when she was out of the house. I'd wait until she'd go downstairs, and then I'd strike!

"She was the easiest target because we were the exact same size! (Also because out of all my siblings, it made her the most upset 😉)."

"Ky was actually the worst at taking clothes from me. I ALWAYS knew. The hangers would be messed up and she'd just leave messy evidence," she said. "I was the silent thief — very meticulous and neat, lol."

Look if our sisters had the same sorta clothes Kendall and Kylie wore on the reg we'd basically LIVE inside those wardrobes.