Kylie Jenner's new Puma campaign is #fierce but we have thoughts about it

Fitness yo.

Kylie Jenner recently debuted her highly anticipated Puma campaign on her Instagram and NGL she looks incredible, but we are starting to have ~thoughts~ about the entire thing.

Puma is obvz an exercise brand and although King Kylie is fabulous, she's a glam kween more than a fitness fanatic, so her being the face of the brand over someone who sports harder IRL is ~interestinggggg~...

Clearly, the Kardashian/Jenners sell products, and sell them daaayumm well, and we guess ~active wear~ has become more like ~street wear~ for erryone, erryday.

On another note though the gear is absolutely killer - and the shoes (being the star of the show) are winning us over as the newest #need on our wishlist.

Maybe even more so than Kanye's, aka Kylie's brother-in-law's, 'Yeezy's'.

~dRaMaAaA~ Let us know what you reckon in the FB comments: Kylie for Puma, yeah or nah? XOXO

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