Kylie Jenner has mesmerised everyone with her ramen noodles recipe

Genius or disgusting?

By Bianca Mastroianni

A few days ago we were #blessed with the thought of the super-duper rich and famous Kylie Jenner eating ramen noodles.


However in a typical Kylie twist she threw it out to Twitter, asking for an open discussion on how everyone eats their ramen noodles.

She also uploaded this pic on Snapchat, and TBH we're equal parts disgusted and impressed.

Mind = blown. Who even knew there was a life outside of boiling water?

Basically, fans had a mixed range of reactions ranging from fabulous noodle insights to calling out Kylie for being the most ~extra~ celeb on the block.

Then of course, there was this fantastic human:

And this...

Ah, to be Kylie Jenner and have the powers to make something as basic as ramen noodles trend on Twitter.