Kylie Jenner's crazy stalker is off to serve time

He drove into her gate after claiming he had a meeting with her.

By Bianca Mastroianni

It's a good day when justice is served.

Back in June, a crazed stalker drove his car into Kylie Jenner's front gate - after claiming he had a meeting with her.

Clearly, he wasn't allowed in and decided to take matters into his own hands, making a dumb decision as stalkers do ya know?

Deciding that a second try may work, he came back with the same intentions, but this time his licence plate was caught on camera, meaning police were able to track him down.

He's a clever one you see. TMZ reports that he will serve ten days in L.A. County Jail for cracking the gate, and was initially charged with 2 misdemeanor charges of vandalism.

He will be on probation for 12 months, but we really don't think TEN days will do much... When will these pests learn?