The truth behind Kylie Jenner's #twinning Coachella look

The bikini label 'fesses up how it happened.

By Sammy Stewart

UPDATE 22/4/16

Cast you mind back to all of earlier this week to when the internet was all in a tizz cause of something Kylie Jenner wore to Coachella. Which happened to be sneakingly similar to something New Zealand blogger Instagram star Brit Day had posted a pic of two weeks prior.

Well now the label behind that sequinned bikini, Discount Universe, has explained what happened and turns out it not quite the scandal we'd hoped for.

"We definitely did not send the blogger anything; she purchased the set," a spokesperson for the label told Refinery29. "Kylie chose the set out herself from our NYC showroom (at a pre-showing, before it went into production), well before it was listed online — it's a total coincidence."

To clear up all the ~drama~ once and for all, the label also posted this to their insta...

"HEY GUYS!! Just to clear some stuff up... Kylie was one of the first people to get a hold of this set, no one's copying anyone, and both of them looked F*ING GREAT! Let's stand by each other...no more shaming."

Well that's it. Just one of those ~freaky~ things things that happen. Case closed.

Original article 19/4/16

Sorry Vanessa, but Kylie Jenner kinda took home the ~Kween Of Coachella~ prize this year and we’re really not surprised.

Kylizzle rocked about five ~fIAH~ outfits in two days, including this adorable Discount Universe evil eye bedazzled bikini.

While we were ~ooohing~ and ~ahhhing~ over Ky’s outfit, eagle-eyed fashionistas noticed some uncanny similarities to another fashion kween:

Fans were quick to point out that the outfit, down to the rainbow braids, was exactly the same as New Zealand Instagram star Brit Day, who posted a snap wearing the outfit two weeks ago.


Rather than accuse Kylie of copying her look, Brit ended up posting a side-by-side snap of her outfit next to Kylie’s all in the name of #GoodVibes:

Hey, even King Kylie’s gotta get her #OOTD inspo from somewhere...