Kylie Jenner has revealed something pretty major about *that* alleged sex tape with Tyga

This has been one epic break up.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Kylie Jenner has been enjoying her time as a single gal for a couple of weeks now, but hey when you're one of the most ~fAmOuS~ celebs in the world your break-up is naturally going to come along with a heavy dollop of scandal.

Espesh if you're a Kardashian/Jenner.

There have been rumours that a Kylie-Tyga sex tape exists, because apparently screengrabs were uploaded on Tyga's website then quickly removed.

The rumours seemed just that - rumours. But yesterday when Kylie's Twitter was hacked there were a bazillion "leak the sex tape" comments from people who thought the hacker might have this alleged footage.

First of all, the only thing the hackers could leak from her Twitter would be half-written tweets stuck in her draft folder. The site doesn't store any photos or footage, and seeing as king Kylie was super bored about the whole ordeal when she spoke about it on her Snapchat, the hacker obvs didn't have access to her iCloud.

Along with being sah not phased about the whole thing, Kyliz also revealed the fate of the alleged sex tape:

"Everyone's like 'leak the sex tape'... guys you're never gonna see a sex tape from me. It's never gonna happen." You sass the hell out of them gurl.

Not only would it be a total sex crime if it did get leaked (assuming one even exists), but it's kind of #lame how so many people are trying to get this
to happen.

Kylie deleted the Snap where she addresses the rumours, but lucky for us @kylizzlesnapchats was totally on it and saved the vid. No clue why Kylie deleted it but HEY she can do what she wants.

We've ALL deleted a snap from our stories before, it doesn't mean she was lying. Maybe she didn't like the lighting or whatevz. Who cares.

Move on.