Kylie wasn't allowed into one of Tyga's venues, and ~dRaAaMa~

No Kylie's allowed.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Kylie planned a super incredible night out last weekend when she flew out to Vegas. Key word: planned. Even for a super famous teen, plans sometimes fail.

Going to support Tyga at his performance in Drai's nightclub Friday night, E! News reports that Kyliz wasn't even allowed into the club.

But it wasn't anything Kylie did that caused the ~drama~, it was actually her age. She may be THE Kylie Jenner, but not even that can excuse you from being 19-years-old trying to enter a strictly 21-year-old and over venue. #Soz.

It didn't stop her from having a #fire time though, as she had this special guy to hang out with anyway.

She also got out of her gear and into the comfiest looking set of trackie-dacks we've ever seen.

Money can buy you a new set of lips, but not a fun night out apparently.