Lady Gaga live chat!

Here's the transcript from the live chat with Lady Gaga on DOLLY.com.au

Here's the transcript from the live chat with the awesome Lady Gaga on DOLLY.com.au, which took place on Friday 22nd May 2009. Thanks to everyone who took part and for all your fantastic questions! Lady Gaga gave some great answers - We wish we could have gone to the zoo with her too...

Welcome to the Lady Gaga live chat!

Lady_Gaga: Hi everyone, I'm excited to be answering your questions - I hope you've thought up some good ones!

Dolly_Moderator: Felicia asks: 'Hey Lady Gaga what did u do before you started your career as a wonderful beautiful inspirational singer/performer?'

Lady_Gaga: That's very sweet, I've been performing since I was very young, I've always been a singer and performer but I used to work as a waitress, a go-go dancer and I performance art shows in New York City.

frangipani_87: Heaps of people are saying you're bigger than the Pussycat Dolls now, how does it feel to be a bigger star than the act you're supporting on tour?

Lady_Gaga: I don't feel that way about the Pussycat Dolls. I love them very much and I'm very grateful to them for having me support them. They've taken me all over the world.

kelliix: First of all I love you to pieces. What is your absolute favourite song of all time?

Lady_Gaga: John Lennon's Imagine. I grew up 2 blocks from John Lennon's memorial in New York City and not far from the Dakota where he lived with Yoko when he got shot.

Chloe: Do you come up with your own clothing ideas?

Lady_Gaga: Yes, always. My creative director chooses the fashions on my videos, it's important to me the music looks as good as it sounds, and I'm very fascinated with avante-garde fashion.

ASHLEiiGH: Lady Gaga, last night your performance at Newcastle was amazing, have you always known how to play the piano or did you have to learn to play for the performance?

Lady_Gaga: I always knew how to play piano.

Lady_Gaga: It's not easy to pick up overnight. Piano is an instrument learned over a period of time but they say once you're good at it, it never leaves you. It's a good hobby to have - you never lose it.

mee-a.: How did you get the stage name 'Lady Gaga'?

Lady_Gaga: It was a nickname my friends called me Gaga after the song Radio Gaga because they said I was very theatrical.

spyprincess: What is your favourite part about being famous?

Lady_Gaga: My fans.

Lady_Gaga: Fans mean more to me than anything.

Ashlee: Hi, I’m your number one fan and I was wondering when you would be bringing out a new album?

Lady_Gaga: Hi, No.1 Fan, I'm not planning on releasing a new album until next year, but I shall do a re-release of the same this year with a lot of brand new music.

kelliix: Love you. What is your favourite song of yours to perform to?

Lady_Gaga: A brand new song I wrote called Future Love.

teags108: Hey Lady Gaga, I want to know why do you always use those two dogs in your video clips?

Lady_Gaga: Those are my dogs.

sherza18: Hi Lady Gaga. You are a very talented and beautiful lady. Did you ever think that your talents would get you to become so successful in life? XO

Lady_Gaga: I knew that it was my destiny to make music but I feel blessed by all my successes this year. I'm very grateful to my fans and my family for supporting me for such a long time.

MooN: Hello Lady gaga, first off you are a gorgeous woman. What helps you write your songs? What gets you in the mood? What do you need around you to write the lyrics?

Lady_Gaga: I have visions, they happen spontaneously I don't know when they will come, I get a vision of a lyric or music and I write it down or record it on my computer. Then I let it marinate over and over again until I finish writing the song. Sometimes I deliberately go into the studio to write music, but if I'm having trouble writing a song I take a break, I don't like to force it, I prefer to just let it happen.

jasmine: Hey Lady Gaga. I'm going to your concert tomorrow and I wanted to know if your were singing with PCDor just at the same concert

Lady_Gaga: Just at the same concert, we do separate shows and I open for them.

thinwhiteduke: My question for Gaga is: I'm a huge Grace Jones fan and I read that you are too - what is your favourite song of hers and why? Rock on girl!

Lady_Gaga: I love Slave to the Rhythm but I'm a huge fan of a song called Corporate Cannibal.

Sarah_Doll: You’re adorable! Is your hair real? 'Cause its very pretty, is it a wig or you just wear hair extensions? That's before when u had longer hair, u have short hair now which looks very cute!

Lady_Gaga: I have short hair now and every bit of it is my real hair. When I wear hair sculptures it's extensions, but if you see me with my bob, it's all my real hair.

voguex: What/who is your biggest music inspiration?

Lady_Gaga: Andy Warhole and David Bowie.

Lady_Gaga: Not shopping but I went to the Zoo today and I held a wombat and patted a koala and kangaroo and I chased an emu.

Lady_Gaga: I love Australia it's a wonderful place and I love my fans here too.

lil_miss_priss20: did you intentionally make the love game video rude or are the TV people just being idiots??

Lady_Gaga: Neither, I made a video that I thought best expressed my song, I don't think the TV people were idiots I think perhaps they don't get the culture or relevance of the video and that's ok. I don't make my videos for them to be played on TV, I make my videos for my fans.

ladygagahberani: Q: I like your songs so much, you are so talented, I did a lot research of you from internet. Where did you learn all the song writing skill, it's gifted?

Lady_Gaga: I don't know. Some of it is internal. I've always been a music lover and have a natural knack for pop song writing. I also became much better at song writing when I worked with Akon.

Elise: You've spoken about past addictions & your dad's reaction to this- Do u have a close relationship with your dad now & does he support your work?

Lady_Gaga: Very close with my dad now he's very supportive. I've called him from Australia 3 times already.

Crush: You said that you wanted to change the world one sequin at a time, have you and how have you done this since beginning your music career?

Lady_Gaga: I don't necessarily think I have or haven't, I consider my music to be an ongoing cultural happening as all music is. When I say sequin, what I mean is, a good time. I mean escapism. My approach to music and fashion has a sense of humour and a sense of whimsy and fun. I don't like to write songs that make people sad.

FluoroNights: Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Lady_Gaga: There were two people I really wanted to collaborate with, and I just did! Everyone will know soon.

aleksandra: You obviously have a massively hectic lifestyle, but when you do get time off, what is your fave thing to watch on TV?

Lady_Gaga: I don't really watch television I like to watch Fellini movies with good looking guys.

nikita: Do you have a Facebook/twitter/myspace?

Lady_Gaga: Yes I have all three. But I only manage my Twitter. I do check my MySpace but not as frequently.

GaGa-fan-1: Hi Gaga! (I think you're amazing!!) You're touring with the PCD at the moment, but I think quite a lot of people here would love to see just YOU performing. I was just wondering when you'll be in Australia next after this...?

Lady_Gaga: I will be back very soon doing a headlining tour and I can't wait. Probably towards end of this year or very early next year.

Lady_Gaga: Thanks for all your wonderful questions, enjoy the show if you’re coming to one of the Pussycat Dolls concerts - bye!

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