Lauren Jauregui is taking a break from Fifth Harmony

This doesn't sound good...

By Matt Galea
Lauren Jauregui is taking a break from Fifth Harmony

In what has been the toughest week in Fifth Harmony’s history, Lauren Jauregui is all too keen to take a break.

The 20-year-old singer posted a photo from 5H’s last performance as a five-piece, and expressed her excitement for the holz in her caption.

“Thankyou Miamiiii Jingleball..the energy we get from my hometown is just unreal every single time,” she wrote. "Thank youuu @iheartradio and @y100miami for having us(: I can't thank anyone enough for everything. HELLO, HOLIDAYS!!!"

We completely understand why Loz is keen af for a break!

Jauregui has certainly had an incredibly rough year.

She’s had emotional onstage outbursts, she’s quit social media after being bullied, she’s been arrested for marijuana possession and now her band-mate, Camila has walked out on the group and an audio where she discusses the band being treated like "literal slaves” has leaked.

A source close to the band revealed that "the girls will be making huge announcements for the group and their solo endeavours in January.”

We’re happy to hear that Lauren and the others are taking a well-earned break over the holidays, especially considering the year ahead sounds like a hectic one.

We just hope that Lauren actually returns from her break, though!