Lea Michele and Ariana Grande talk Scream Queens


We get that it’s not even Winter yet, but can Spring please hurry up so we can start watching Scream Queens!?

Two of the show’s main stars Lea Michele and Ariana Grande have given us the first look at the series which is said to be about a murder spree on a college campus, a new character being killed off each week.


It looks like Scream Queens will be totally pretty different from Ariana’s previous roles, describing it as “a very nice balance between terrifying, scary, macabre, goth horror and girly, hilarious, glamorous, fashion. It’s the greatest combination," Ariana revealed to ET.

Cannot. Wait.

Meanwhile don’t expect Lea to be the singing diva of the show for that matter. For her new role, Lea wills is completely made under with a neck brace, and dodgy pigtails.

The girls take us through a quick tour of the set and so far the sorority house looks like a mix of Regina George’s house meets Clueless. Oh yeah, we’re definitely hooked.

The new show from Glee creator Ryan Murphy has been cited as a Mean Girls x Friday the 13th mashup while the epic cast continues to grow with confirmed stars Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, Nick Jonas and Abigail Breslin.

TBH, we’re screaming over how amazing this show will be.

Words: Samantha Stewart