Lea Michele reveals a never-before-seen tattoo dedicated to Cory Monteith

And we can't even deal.

By Lorna Gray

The internet went crazy for Lea Michele’s nekkid Women’s Health cover yesterday, but there was one small detail that could have been missed while you were busy picking your jaw up off the ground. On Lea’s toosh is a tiny, never-before-seen tattoo which reads ‘Finn’ and we’re not crying you are.

That’s right, just like Rachel Berry, Lea Michele has a tatt in honour of her Glee boyfriend, played by the late Cory Monteith.

Lea has since revealed that the 'Finn' tatt is not new, as she's had it since 2011, meaning she got it while Cory was still alive (he later passed away in 2013).


It’s also not the only tatt she’s got in her late boyfriend’s honour.

Three months ago Lea revealed the number ‘5’, the number of Finn’s quarterback jersey in Glee, and the words ‘if you say so’ on her ribcage, the last words Cory ever said to her (which is also the name of a song on her 2014 album, Louder).

Source: Cosmopolitan.com.au