You should probably start #shipping Lea Michele and Zac Efron

Sorry T-Swizzle...

By Natasha Harding

After Lea Michele and One Tree Hill star, Robert Buckley, split back in July, our fave actress is officially single and ready to mingle. To help a sister out, Ellen DeGeneres decided to play a game of ‘Who’d you rather?’ to suss out whether any male celebs would make a suitable, er, suiter for Lea.

Among the pool of potential candidates is everyone from Taylor Lautner (who Lea casually mentions she’s received a lap dance from, as you do) and Nick Jonas, to Prince Harry and Leonardo DiCaprio.

As Lea and Ellen plough through the baes like Tinder pros, Lea admits she’d like to be a princess IRL and goes with Prince Harry for a while. Then Michael B Jordan steals her heart and looks favourites for the win before Calvin Harris comes up on the screen and Lea switches camps to Team Cal.

In case you were wondering, Tom Hiddleston was also in the bachelor mix but Lea says he’s ‘got too much going on’ for her to want to go there. Harsh, but fair.

Just when we thought the celeb matchmaker sesh was sorted, Zac Efron comes up on the screen and it’s a gamechanger. Lea then simply states, “Give me Zac Efron any day” and, like that, Lea proves she’s actually all of us. But seriously, can someone please make #Lefron happen?