Lea Michele gets her 'tache waxed and films the whole thing

This is body hair maintenance at its best.

By Amber Manto

Most of us wax/bleach our ‘taches in privacy of our bathrooms and would never really admit to doing it (even though most of us do). Not Lea Michele, she openly documented the whole process on her Snapchat proving there ain’t nothing wrong with a bit of body hair maintenance – espesh when you’re a dark-haired babe.

First off the brows…


“This is gonna hurt, really bad,” she says in the vid, before bracing for the sting of the strip being ripped off. Beauty is pain Lea, beauty is pain.

Next on the agenda the upper lip…

“This is the real beauty, you guys. This is what happens when you're half Jewish, half Italian," she joked. #Truth.

Ahhh good to see you sharing the less glamorous parts of your life, Lea. It's not all red carpets and fancy dinners.