Liam and Louis pull a prank on Niall

And so it begins...

We don't know about you but we’ve been dreaming of the days of the 1D video diaries and joyful twitter exchanges lately. Especially considering all the 1D drama that's been going down, right?

Well either our fairy godmother has granted our wish or we’ve accidently jumped in a time machine to 2011, but our dreams have come true!

While the boys have been busy working on their new Zayn-less album over in Los Angeles, it seems Louis and Liam had a bit of downtime and plotted the most brilliant Louis-ish plan we’ve seen in a long time.

With Zayn now gone, it seems 1D might be reassigning their boy band archetypes, and by the looks of things Liam is no longer the ‘sensible one.’

It all started when Liam posted this ~cRyPtIc~ instagram post presumably from a Dr Seuss book he must be reading, “There is fun to be done.”

Not long after Liam posted a snap of a giant teddy bear (perhaps Harry’s-?) attached to Nialls fancy range rover along with a sheep’s wool mat, a bin on the roof of the car, and a Buddha, some garden shears, an LED garden light and a lemon (?) all on the bonnet. Oh, we almost forgot the leaf in the door handle.

LOL, well done Mr Payne!

While Liam was finalising his masterpiece, we assume Louis wanted to add some finishing touches to the artistic display, coz after all 1D are true artists.

The Tommo TP’d the expensive car as well as adding an umbrella, a rake, a stick in the front wheel and repositioned the teddy on a lawn chair holding a copy of Billboard magazine with yours truly on the cover.

Louis honestly looks prouder here than he did at the Brit awards.

The fun continued on twitter and we’re pretty sure all the broken hearts of the fandom slowly started to rebuild from the ashes after this ~epic~ and oh-so-fetus-like conversation went down:

Well damn. That just made everything leading up to this moment so worth it.

We’re still not sure where Harry was during this conundrum. Perhaps this might explain…

Words: Samantha Stewart