Liam Hemsworth posted an adorable throwback shot of him and Miley Cyrus

Did we mention he’s SHIRTLESS?!

By Erin Van Der Meer

Liam Hemsworth must be feeling even more loved-up than usual today, because he shared a throwback of himself and maybe fiancee/maybe not Miley Cyrus.

The photo looks to be from the set of The Last Song, the 2010 movie that Liam and Miley fell in love while filming, because Miley’s hair and pants are the same as in this adorable photo from the film (just call us Inspector Cosmo).

Liam noted he was “throwing it WAY back”, and we can’t help but wonder if he was going through old photos for some kind of special wedding project. Just a thought …

The fact that he’s shirtless just makes this even more of a gift. Thank you, Liam. Truly, from the bottom of our hearts.

When are these two just going to hurry up and get married already?!