You won't believe how Miley and Liam are spending Christmas


By Bianca Mastroianni
Liam Hemsworth spends Christmas with the Cyrus family

Leave it to Miley and Liam to get into the Christmas spirit!

Like the two weren't already #goals enough, they've now posed for the ultimate Chrissy photo together.

Yep, that's Miley's entire fam decked out in Christmas decorations, standing in front of their gorj tree, with Liam now officially part of the fam.

Can we plz take a moment to appreciate Miley's entire get-up?!

The pic was posted by Miley's big sister Brandi, captioned "Cyrus fam Christmas in full swing."

If that isn't proof that Liam is so one of them, we don't know what is. #ADORBS.