Sooo Liam Payne and Cheryl could legit 3000% be engaged


By Bianca Mastroianni
Liam Payne, Cheryl Cole

It's no secret Liam Payne is ~infatuated~ with Cheryl. They're super loved-up and although they've only been together for a few months, it's no surprise they've reportedly gotten engaged.


There were reports they were ready to have bubs - One Direction's heir 2.0 - so maybz they want to tie the knot first.

A source at the Daily Star is pretty set on this rumour being legit, reporting Liam went out and got Cheryl one helluva ring.

Instagram | Cheryl
Instagram | Cheryl

You may be wondering why we just posted a picture of Chezza's butt tattoo. Well, apparently the ring Liam bought is inspired by her derriere's artwork.

The ring is supposedly a black diamond nestled in a bed of rubies.


Another source spoke to Reveal, stating Cheryl completely was a hit with Payno's parents, whom she met at his sister's wedding.

She had "completely won them over, and now they're both convinced she could be 'The One' that Liam could finally settle down with."

Side note: It was just Cheryl's 33rd bday so the ring could totes be a gift lol.