Liam Payne continues to make us melt by talking about Bear

Cannot deal.

By Jessica Lynch

He had us melting over his birthday snap with baby Bear, now Liam Payne has us in 100% swoon mode after revealing in an interview that bubba B has already started to walk, while managing to look seriously stylish.

Speaking to OK!, he revealed,

"Bear has got a pair of Nike Air Max trainers and he’s already started to walk. He’s like a little tiny Michelin man. I had him today. He had some little Airmaxs on and he was trying to walk in the kitchen. Every day something new gets more fun. He’s got some lungs on him, he gets that from both of us."

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Way too cute!

He continued to gush about his mini-me, saying, "He’s a great sleeper. I literally just saw him on FaceTime and he had just woken up and was scratching his belly. I don’t think he’s figured out the whole FaceTime thing, he’s like: ‘Why is my daddy’s face on the screen?’ We’re having an amazing time and all the time I can spend with him is amazing. Every second."