Liam Payne's #6yearsof1D tweet confirms 1D is far from over


By Amber Manto

The moment Liam Payne announced his solo career was a very dark day indeed in the 1D fandom.

As a result of this horrific news the fandom jumped to the conclusion that this was the beginning of the end and as such the hastag #OneDirectionIsOver starting trending for what can only be described as the worst 24 hours of our lives.

Liam, being the little treasure he is, tried to calm everyone down with this reassuring tweet, but unfortunately most people weren’t convinced/too sure what this actually meant.

^ What do you MEAN Liam?!

Luckily for us yesterday happened cause we think we’ve FINALLY got the reassurance we need to carry on with life now.

As you probably know, it happen to be six years since 1D became a thing and as such as the boys tweeted out… some ~words of reflection~. Liam was the very last (and the wait actually gave us - and everyone else - a mild heart attack) but eventually he threw out this bit of Twitter gold:

Note the underline bit?! STILL SO MANY MORE TO COME.