Liam Payne dressed as Niall Horan circa X Factor days and it was adorable

Remember Niall's outfit when they sang "Torn"? Yeah, Liam does too.

Remember the days when the One Direction boys were tattoo free and actually looked like they'd had some sleep, the poor little lambs? Well Liam Payne has gone and done a sartorial throwback to those very days by dressing in the same outfit as Niall Horan, circa the judge's houses days. So that'll be 2010 then.

Yup, an eagle-eyed Instagram user noticed that El Payno completely ripped baby Niall's look from the baby blue unbuttoned shirt to the "I can't decide if I'm hot or cold" half length trousers.

So chic.

It's not yet known if Liam's wearing Niall's ACTUAL castoffs - maybe the boys did a garage sale that we didn't hear about?

By the way, you can have the same fashion epiphanies by going to your friends' Facebook profiles, heading to their most recent pic and then hitting "back". ALL the "retro" inspo you'll need!

P.S. Watch the X Factor clip below to be reminded of the moment you realised you'd fallen in love with five strangers through the telly and that there was no going back.