Why Liam Payne doesn’t trust Harry Styles to babysit

He said he'd pick Louis first...

By Jessica Lynch

With the birth of his first born bub Bear Payne, we totally get that Liam Payne would be super picky over who he’d choose to watch his and Cheryl’s little bundle of joy. But the 23-year-old has revealed he wouldn’t trust former band mate Harry Styles - and the reason why will make you LOL.

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Speaking to Vodafone Big Top 40, the Strip That Down singer was asked which one of the boys he’d let watch the two-month-old, with Paynos saying,

“I suppose Louis because Louis’ got a nipper, but he’d be my last choice in my head, that’s the funniest thing,” he said, adding, “But he’s got to be first because he knows more than the rest of them.”

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As for why he wouldn’t want Sign of the Times singer, Harry, on daddy duties?

“I couldn’t rely on Harry because I feel that my child would come out dressed in something that I just wouldn’t understand and then with Niall [Horan], the child would be putting golf balls on tees,” he spilled, adding, “Niall would be pushing the pram while swinging the putter. I think I’ll leave Bear with me, although am I the most trusted?” he admitted.

TBH, we reckon Bear would look cute AF dressed up in one of Hazza’s outrageous get-ups…

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Liam also revealed that he’s planned a mini 1D reunion to celebrate to birth of his baby boy, but with the crew all busy kicking off their solo careers, it’s proved more difficult than he first thought.

“I’m doing some sort of like, it’s like the man’s equivalent of the baby shower. It’s the head wetting thing. I’ve had to put it off for a little bit because of work things.”

He added, “But it’s coming round soon. I’ve put around the invite to the rest of the boys saying to come. I don’t think Harry can make it but I think Niall’s gonna swing by. We’ve got a little golf course thing going on in the back garden and he can’t resist a bit of golf that boy.”

We’re pretty sure our ovaries just exploded at the thought of a One Direction baby shower…

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