#LolWut - Rumours say Liam Payne yelled at Harry Styles

Say it ain't so!

So today in "rumours swirling around the web that are probs not true" we have an ~ alleged ~ fight that took place between Liam Payne and Harry Styles.

This is the part where we start chuckling to ourselves, because sometimes the internet can be so extra.

Okay, so rumour has it that after the boys cancelled their Belfast gig last week, Liam broke down in tears, yelling at Harry.

This tale comes from an unidentified "insider", who told Closer mag that "Liam has been under huge pressure since Zayn left."

But like... wasn't that months ago?

"He feels he has to produce performances that carry the band," this ~source~ continued.

So Liam's what, like a big egomanic who thinks it's all about him now? Yeah, that sounds legit, lmao.

"He lost it in Belfast. He was in tears and shouting at Harry. The rest of the band said they'd help him."

What kind of terrible fanfic, right?

"Liam's made it clear he's reached his limit and is trying to hold it together for this tour, but is making no promises after that."

Sure, okie dokie.

Well, we don't know about you, but we're pretty sure this is about 900% nonsense.