Liam Payne hits back at haters calling him fat

Some Twitter trolls have decided to use Liam Payne's holiday with Sophia Smith as an opportunity to label the One Direction star as fat.

While we’ve been admiring Liam Payne and Sophia Smith looking all loved-up on a boat over the weekend, some Twitter trolls have decided to use it as an opportunity to label the One Direction star as fat.

During his holiday with Sophia, Liam has been parading around shirtless on a yacht (which we’re definitely not complaining about). As a result, people have felt they have a right to comment on his body and accuse him of packing on the pounds.

Being Liam Payne A.K.A the king of responding to haters via social media, Liam took to Instagram to poke fun at all the rude people calling him chubby.

He posted a hilarious snap of himself with his shirt stuffed along with the caption: "I mean OH MY GOD I’m just so fat these days I think I need help! Quick someone take the cookie jar [sic]"

While we wish Liam didn’t let the negative comments get to him, we’re glad we got to witness another example of Liam’s sass.

As an aside, we’d like to point out another reason for Liam being one of our favourite humans ever. Because we all know true love is giving your girlfriend a wedgie...

Here's hoping the Twitter trolls keep their body-bashing tweets to themselves from here on out so we can continue enjoying Liam and Sophia's love-fest in peace.

Also, they should probably be afraid. Very afraid...