Liam Payne has just told his fans to back the heck off him and Cheryl


By Bianca Mastroianni

Liam Payne may have wanted a break from the spotlight following his One Direction hiatus, but it's been the complete opposite.

Since stealing Cheryl's heart and starting a relationship with her, they have been under the public eye.

So many rumours have come from the two dating, the most prominent that Cheryl and Liam are expecting a baby... well, twins actually.

They have both remained stone cold silent on the matter, but now Liam has posted a cryptic as heck Instagram pic that fans are assuming is directed at them.

The pic shows a street sign labelled, "Liam Ln," with "Private," underneath it. If that wasn't cryptic enough, the caption will slay you.

"Stay in your lane," EEEK! If that doesn't ~scream~ get the hell outta my business, we don't know what does. #Savage.

Of course, this could totally be directed at somebody in particular, but judging by how many rumours have been going around regarding their unofficial unborn baby, we can assume it's about that...