Liam Payne just shared some mega exciting news

It’s the announcement we’ve allllll been waiting for.

By Matt Galea
Liam Payne just shared some mega exciting news

Over the weekend, Liam Payne was playing Santa Claus on Twitter, handing out gifts to all of us fan girls in the form of ~exciting~ announcements.

During a live Twitter Q&A with fans, Payno first revealed that One Direction will defs be reuniting.

His second tasty treat of an announcement came when a fan asked the 23-year-old about his solo music that he's been teasing for a while.

"#askliam soooo,,,, wen dat album droppin, fam??” The cheeky fan asked.

"@ziamtm listen yeahhhhhh albums coming soon!!!!!! Hol tight for da rewind”, he responded.

And this fan’s reaction pretty much says it all:

When the band went on hiatus, Liam wasted zero time in kick-starting his solo career. He signed a ~coveted~ contract with Capitol Records and registered a solo song called 'Wonder’ which is yet to surface.

Judging by the amount of exclamation marks in Liam’s response to the fan, it looks like the album will be coming v soon.

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