Liam Payne’s dad confirms his solo career while Louis Tomlinson registers his record label

The hiatus is near…we can smell it.

We have to face the (1D) music and acknowledge that the impending One Direction hiatus is getting closer and closer and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Not even Oprah can do anything about it.

wipes away tears

While Harry’s off making indie TV shows that we’ve probably never heard of and Niall continues his promising career as a Gold caddy, it seems that Louis and Liam will be expanding their musical paths.

The Tommo has registered an ~official~ name for his record label while Liam’s adorable parents have confirmed that the Payno will be werking on his solo career.

According to The Sun, Louis has made “Triple Strings” his official record label name and has teamed up with Sony’s lawyers and One Direction’s legal advisor under the guidance of Uncle Simon’s Syco Entertainment to start hunting for epic undiscovered acts (like he did with 5SOS!)

So far it’s been reported that Louis has already signed a ~mystery~ girl band, as well as Jack Walton off the UK’s X Factor.

instantly posts video of self singing on YouTube so Louis can sign us

Liam on the other hand has no time for chill and just wants to keep on singing his little heart out, as his Papa confirms.

"I've heard some of his output in the studio and it's quite strong." Geoff Payne told Express & Star.

“And I’m being diplomatic there. Over the years I’ve watched him grow as an artist; watched him learn how to write songs.”

Papa Payne added, “He probably wrote 50 per cent of the last two 1D albums and he’s already done remixes for other performers.”

In his interview, Geoff added that he hopes his son will take some time out and can’t wait to have Liam back at home.

We can totally understand 1D’s need for a break, but we are going to miss this: