Liam Payne’s sister tells Cheryl Cole haters to pipe down

She loves her bro's new bae.

By Amber Manto

Payno’s sister Ruth has gone on a Twitter rampage and SLAMMED h8trs who tore strips of her bro’s bae, Cheryl, after she wore this dress:

Cheryl was attending Ruth’s wedding with Liam and, not wanting to outshine the bride, wore the most #extra dress she could find in her glitzy wardrobe.

But ya know...

... and Chezza copped a tonne of crap over her outfit selection. Not to mention the bride herself was also majorly dissed.

Well Ruth wasn't having any of that so posted this note on Twitter.

Right! She told them.

Safe to say Cheryl has been welcomed warmly in the Payno family. Maybe those baby rumours aren't so nuts after all.