ALERT: Liam Payne's first solo single has been leaked online!

Big round of applause for Big Payno.

Seems Liam has decided to take a break from posting shirtless selfies and ~mysterious~ Snapchats and is going to actually do something productive with his endless free time this hiatus.

He's getting back in the studio with producer/rappers Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa, who are releasing a mixtape (er, retro) called TGODMAFIA. One of the song on said tape will feature none other than the Big Payno himself.

This whole revelation came to light when Juicy J typed up a tracklist on the notes app of his iPhone and posted it on his Insta so ya know #legit.

Although it’s since been deleted so we thought maybe this was just another Payno hoax (remember when he teased us with vids of him rapping back in January?!), but Juicy J has since leaked a snippet of the track on Twitter. TBH it’s a beautiful thing for anyone who’s been listening to Payno’s karaoke carpool high note of repeat to get them through the hiatus.

Get your eardrums involved here...

Once you get past the rapping bit you can clearly hear Big Payno's voice in the background saying "All I need is you". Yup, you do. And we need you Payno, we need you.

No word yet on when we’ll be getting our mitts of this said mix tape, but in the meantime we'll just enjoy this 8 seconds of pure joy on repeat. XOXO

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