Liam Payne's 'Strip That Down' cover art has been revealed and it's hot AF


By Jessica Lynch
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Now, prepare to lose your mind once again ‘cos Liam has just dropped yet another teaser for his debut solo track with Quavo called ‘Strip That Down’ – and it’s seriously HOT (not to mention catchy AF).

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And if that wasn't enough to get excited about, Paynos even spilled on Twitter that once enough followers pre-saved ‘Strip That Down’ on Spotify, the artwork for the beat-heavy track would be revealed prior to it’s release on May 19.

But, of course, keen Directioners were able to dig deep into the depths of the internet and have already managed to already track down the artwork, which features a brooding Liam with tousled hair and no shirt on - and we're totally digging it.

Only a few more days, guys!

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