Little Mix have just designed something that you really need to be wearing right now

NEED. No really, neeeeeeed!

By Amber Manto

When Perrie threw that boho birthday bash the other day, we couldn’t help but feel a twinge of envy coz of those amazing tatts Jade was wearing.

^ Couple days later Perrie posted this and again, those feelings of jealousy starting stirring. That cute star!

WELL now we can ALL get those gypsy vibes, coz Little Mix have teamed up with Divine Ink London and designed some temporary flash tattoos (yep, the ones Jade and Perrie were wearing in the above snaps).

"One sheet is inspired by Little Mix's fun side: summery, celestial, boho vibes perfect for music festivals and beach vacations, incorporating symbols and chains to create stunning face and body jewellery,” commented Divine Ink.

They added: "For the second sheet we have taken inspiration from the girls sometimes darker and edgier style as seen in Little Mix's 'Black Magic' single. Incorporating the choker trend with inter-changing symbols which will work effortlessly for all the 90s style fashionistas out there."

Amazing, summer festivals cannot come soon enough.

Unfortunately Divine Ink London don't ship to Oz but ya know, we're sure these will pop up on eBay at some stage. Otherwise you can convince you UK friends to do you a favour and ship them over. We reckon it's worth the effort.