Little Mix show us how getting over a bad breakup is done in their new video clip for “Hair”

She's just gotta get him outta her hair.

By Amber Manto

It’s been a while since we heard the certified bop that is “Hair” and we have to say we've been waiting veeeerry patiently ever since for the video clip.

But our wait is over, as last night the fandom was #gifted with the long-awaited clip, and naturally we were not disappointed.

In the vid, Lee-anne has been dumped so the rest of the Little Mix #squad come over to comfort her and throw a ~wild slumber party~ in the process – drinks, pizza, dancing around using a hairbrush as a microphone. It's basically all of us getting over a breakup.

However we can’t help but wonder if perhaps it should have been Perrie playing the part of the dumpee, after all, the song is kinda/sorta/maybe about her breakup with Zayn. OOoooooOOOO we went there.