Jeez, Louis and Niall are getting old

Seriously. They’ve got grey hair and walking sticks now.

If there’s going to be a boy band to don costumes of the elderly for a Mexican coke commercial, it’s going to be One Direction.

Louis and Niall have joined forces for Coca Cola Mexico’s new #VerdaderoAmigo campaign, and in case you’re not fluent in Mexican that translates to ‘True Friendship’.

Coz who better than Niall and Louis to represent the true friendship that will last forever, right?

Meanwhile, we have to say Louis and Niall look rather fetching in their elderly get up. Niall goes for an ‘old-man-playing-chess-in-the-park’ look with his baker cap, vest and glasses. Louis on the other hand in the future will someone develop a large mole in his check but will still sport epic hair.

Would it be too weird to say that we still find them ~smoking hot~ even as senior citizens?

Sí? Maybe?

We'll let you be the judge:

Words: Samantha Stewart