Take off that jumper coz the TomlinSON custody battle is heating up

Round two: DING DING!

By Amber Manto

It’s been a few months since we’d heard anything about the fate of where little Freddie will be spending most of his time. However it seems whatever "temporary parenting arrangement” Mama Bri and Louis agreed on back then is coming to an icy standstill.

Louis has reportedly been banned from Bri’s house coz of that whole Louis introducing Freddie to Danielle drama. So now he only gets to see his Fresh Prince for a couple hours at a time, with Freddie shuttled back and forth and pick-ups and drop-offs done in random carparks.

Apparently Papa Lou ain’t down with this and is gonna take the matter to court so they can work out a better arrangement for him, according to ~mysterious sources~ anyways.

"Court is the only way it's headed between these two," a so-called “family friend” told Now.

The source added: "If Louis had his way, he'd be taking Freddie with him at least half the time, not just around America but on trips back to the UK.”

Because Mama Bri is American, she has a lot of rights espesh when it comes to parenting which is why Louis has to go through the offish channels to change any sort of visitation arrangement they had.

Le sigh, this is certainly getting messy. But as if any of us didn't think it wouldn't.