Louis’ mum, Johannah has one final tweet for 1D fans

She planned for this message to go out after her passing.

By Matt Galea
Louis’ mum, Johannah has one final message for 1D fans

It’s almost been a week since news broke that Louis Tomlinson’s adoring mother, Johannah had lost her battle with leukaemia.

Scores of fans and celebs alike have reached out to the family to show their support, a true testament to what an amazing person Johannah was.

In one final act of incredible kindness, Johannah arranged for her husband, Dan to post the following tweets to her 1.46M followers as a goodbye to everyone.

"Hi, it's Dan," the tweets read. "Johannah asked for me to send this afterwards. She wanted to thank you all, and to let you know that you have been amazing right from the start. You changed Louis' life, but also her life. Your support now is as strong if not stronger than ever. So from Johannah one last time, thank you for everything xxx ❤.”

Johannah has been an amazing support to the fandom from day one and her goodbye message has touched our hearts.

Rest in peace Johannah, you will be missed by millions <3.