Here’s what NOT to do when you meet Louis Tomlinson…

Not gonna lie, this is AWK.

By Sammy Stewart

Aside from graduating, having a fab career, buying a tonne more dogs and being an independent grown-woman kween, one of the main goals in life is to meet One Direction, right?

Same here. Except, we really don't want our ~dream~ 1D fan experience to be anything like this one.

Whilst being escorted to his private Jet with GF Danielle Campbell at Cabo San Lucas International Airport, a staff member with a trail of children behind them asked Louis to take a photo...

What followed was the most cringe-worthy fan experience our eyes have ever witnessed as Louis replied: "Yeah okay, yeah. Little bit unprofessional but yeah, okay."

Louis managed to keep his cool and took photos with the fans, but you really can't blame him for his sass. Earlier this week the papz totally invaded his privacy with Danielle meanwhile a girl got a hold of his number and threatened his baby, so obvi we feel for him.

We think everyone needs to give babes some time and space to blow some steam...