Louis Tomlinson has ended one of his longest-running celebrity feuds

That's a boy.

By Sammy Stewart

Since the fetus days of One Direction, Louis Tomlinson has made a few enemies when his band's reputation has been threatened.

One of those people, was X Factor winner James Arthur.

Ya know... the bloke that did a mad cover of Impossible.

Anyhow, back in 2013, James got a bit ~cool~ and decided to throw shade at 1D calling them a “marketing product” who don’t sell records. Then Louis apparently called him a ~name~. James then proceeded to call Louis a "little bitch" and yeah. Things got nasty.

A few years have gone by and it seems James has made peace with the Sassmaster of Doncaster.

Chatting with The Sun, James said: "Me and Louis are on really good terms. Over the last couple of years we've had a few conversations."

"I did say to him: 'Look, I shouldn't have been so vocal about things back then'. I apologised."

But making peace with Louis -unsurprisingly- wasn't an easy task.

"Don't get me wrong, at first he was still a little bit pd off and I was a bit pd off with him – but we've worked it out over time, with a few false starts, and now we get on well," James explains.

YAY! Now Louis just needs to make peace with The Wanted...

Or ya know... not.