Niall Horan is ~apparently~ putting his music on hold to pursue a career in golf

~Where in the world are 1D?~

A birthday, a baby name, a trip to Bali, oh my! Welcome to this week’s edition of Where in the world are 1D!

Here’s a lil visual :

HARRY: We don’t know about you, but Harry Styles is definitely feeling 22! Baby Harold is no longer a baby. Our long haired-prince rang in his 22nd year in LA with his family, close friends and now manager Jeff Azoff, ~perhaps~ Louis Tomlinson, and of course some delish cake.

Meanwhile Hazza has been doing what Hazza does best; babes was spotted looking fresh2death at the Saint Laurent store in Beverly Hills earlier today, sporting some new threads. His hair is longer than ever and his shirts more floral than the last. You go Harry Sty Sty <3

NIALL: For the majority of January Niall babes has been living it up Down Under. After being the ultimate fanboy and watching EVERY SINGLE MATCH of the Australian Open, Niall decided it was time for a new adventure...

According to reports from The Sun, Niall is planning on… wait for it… on starting up his own golfing agency during the hiatus.

“It’s well-known Niall loves golf and has been learning from the best out on tour with Rory," a source said. "Now he wants to discover exciting new players and give them his backing.” Hmmm yeah nah.

On a more legit note, Niall and his glasses have been living it up for the past two days in Bali. We’re praying we get photos of a tanned, braided-haired Nialler within a matter of weeks.

LIAM: Last time we check, Liam was still in LA and it appears that babes has ~successfully~ been keeping a very low profile. TBH we have no idea what Liam has actually been up to but dedicated fangirls have managed to bump into LiLi every now and again, so if you’re in the Los Angeles region RN, keep a look out.


LOUIS: Papa Louis has been very busy! Aside from the obvi #DadDuties, Lou has been spotted at the supermarket, out and about in LA and at the regular doctor's visit with Mama Bri.

Just yesterday LouBear was taking GF Danielle Campbell out for dinner to celebrate her 21st birthday. #SimplyAdorbz.

Til next time folks! XOXO

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