One Direction's Louis Tomlinson on what he'd call his child

Plus, what does ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder think of all of this?

After the jaw-to-the-floor-we-can't-take-anymore news that Louis Tomlinson is going to be a daddy, we've noticed things from the past that prophesied yesterday's bombshell, like for example this April Fool tweet from 2012:

And then there's this quote from a 2012 interview with UK mag Top Of The Pops: "If I had a boy, I'd quite like to call him Leo, but I like Lucas as well."

Wuhhhhhhhhhhhh, MASSIVE news. If the baby is indeed brewing, and comes out boy flavour then we wonder if he'll stick to his word?

And, um, what on earth is Louis' poor ex, Eleanor making of all of this? Well, we have two very differing versions of events. Apparently a friend told People mag that: "Eleanor knows and she's fine."

However "an insider" exclusively told Hollywood Life that: "Eleanor was shocked when she heard the news and kind of sick to her stomach. It’s not like they had been broken up for long! Louis mom broke the news to her — they’re still very close. This is not the kind of news any ex-girlfriend wants to hear, especially when you dated someone for so long and then the next person who comes along ends up getting pregnant.”

This all sounds very suss and um, possibly completely fabricated. WHICH ONE OF YOU IS LYING, "SOURCES"?

What we do know to be actually legitimately 100% true is that Eleanor's currently looking fabulous in Los Angeles on holiday (stalked her on the 'gram didn't we?) and is no doubt now keeping her head down while she processes the news. It's probs not ideal that L.A. is where Louis' baby mama Briana Jungwirth lives.

Yowsers. Trousers. Updates as we have 'em.