Louis Tomlinson’s family spotted baby shopping with Briana Jungwirth!

Eep! There's pictures and everything!

The last time we saw Briana Jungwirth, she was rocking out at a 1D concert. But since then she’s been keeping things as private as possible.


Louis’ mum Johannah Poulston, his step-dad Mark, and sister Lottie were spotted shopping with Briana and her mum Tammie out in LA, hopping into a car on Saturday.

Thanks to the ~skillz~ of fangirls, we even have photos of the actual event.


It’s hard to make out Briana, but from this iconic photo (taken by a fangirl literally hiding in the bushes) you can get a slight idea of how big her TomlinBump is. If you’re still scratching your head, Briana is the girl rocking the grey leggings and white top, while lil Lottie is wearing a pair of leggings coordinated with her backpack and we’re really feeling it.

This is the first time Briana has been publically spotted with Louis’ family since the baby gate so yeah, it’s a big deal to the fandom.

Briana is said to be due at the end of January or early February, so not long now! XOXO

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