Louis Tomlinson is willing to settle out of court with Briana on ONE condition

Not sure she'll agree to this though TBH.

By Amber Manto

The custody battle of the century has only just begun and already things are starting to get very heated.

However, according to TMZ, Louis is happy to settle things out of court but on one condition: Briana has to keep their relationship and pics of Freddie off social media. If she wants to post a pic of Freddie, she has to get Louis approval first.

Now if you follow Baby Mama on Snappy, Insta, Twitter – basically all her social media channels – you’ll know she’s not shy about uploading pics and vids of Fredster for the fandom to critique. So it’s understandable why Louis would be mad - his son’s privacy is constantly being invaded.

This would also explain why his mum Johannah and sisters deleted all their pics all pics of bb Freddie off their social media accounts the other day.

Sigh, hopefully Mama Bri agrees to this so they can move forward and live a drama-free life.