Louis Tomlinson takes a night off from #DadLyf for GF Danielle Campbell’s birthday

They looked ~veRy~ cute.

Papa Lou’s totally got that work/life/me-time balance perfected.

Taking a night off from daddy duties, Louis babes was spotted out in LA with GF Danielle Campbell on Tuesday (2/2/16) to celebrate her 21st birthday.

This is the first time DaniLou have been spotted together since the birth of precious baby Tommo, Freddie Reign.

Being the ~aMaZiNG~ BF that he is, Louis treated his lady to a romantic dinner date in Venice, California before exiting the restaurant with Danielle walking HAND in actual HAND.

#BLESS #DaniLouConfirmed

On their way out of the restaurant (which coincidentally happened to have “It’s a Boy” balloons outside) the friendly paparazzi congratulated Lou on the birth of his little bub, which totally lit up Dani’s face.

Check out the cuteness above! XOXO

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