This is 100% the strangest Louis Tomlinson #BabyGate theory we’ve heard yet

This is all getting a bit ~wEiRd~ TBH

We’ve heard a lot of things since the news of Louis Tomlinson’s baby with Briana Jungwirth broke the interwebs. From “forcing” his baby mama to build her own IKEA furniture, to Harry Styles being the actual mum, the theory universe has really had a field day with the whole #BabyGate scandal.

However, a particular ~tHeOrY~ that continues to pop up in our news feed is that the whole thing is a publicity stunt.

Yep, no bebs.

If you venture onto Tumblr (or even just read our comments section), it’s clear that there aren’t many TomlinBub believers out there. But yesterday, things got even weirder.

Word on the street is that Briana’s mum made her Instagram account public for about 5 minutes, posted THIS photo of her daughter’s tummy, then went back to private. While we normally wouldn’t even question a mummy-to-be’s precious tumtum, it does seem rather ~dodgy~ that there’s no head in the photo, with many fans claiming that the photo is actually an old snap of Bri’s cousin.

Even more dodge, Twitter users are convinced that Briana’s other cousin, Ashley, has been requesting fan accounts to post pregnancy photos. #SayWhaaat?

Y’all keeping up? We’re almost there…

This is where it all gets a bit ~wEiRd~. The original winner of X-Factor, Steve Brookstein, this week took to his Twitter claiming that the entire #BabyGate saga is in fact a PR stunt.

According to Steve, in 2005 SYCO (Simon Cowell’s management) wanted to run a fake story that he was getting married, which he tweeted about earlier this week:

Hmm… if what Steve is saying is the truth, do you really think that SYCO would go to that much trouble to bring a fake 1D baby into the world? Or is it just another ~theory~?

Let us know your thoughts XOXO

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