Louis Tomlinson has addressed his feud with Zayn

Here’s where the former-friends are at RN.

By Matt Galea
Louis Tomlinson has addressed his feud with Zayn

Zayn’s relationship with Louis Tomlinson has been rocky, to say the least, since leaving One Direction.

As you’ll all remember, less than two weeks after Zayning the band, Malik got into a ~major~ Twitter war with his former band mate, Louis.

It all kicked off when Zayn started working with the producer, Naughty Boy and after the two posted a selfie on Twitter, World War Z erupted.

We’re still cringing into next century about this one - who wants to see their two baes fighting!?

A war of this magnitude so soon after Zayn left the band basically killed any hope we had left of Zayn returning to the band.

Over a year passed from this unforch incident and Zayn and Louis had not communicated with each other. At all.

Their friendship was slightly rekindled when Louis’ mother sadly passed away last December and Zayn tweeted his condolences to Louis.

And since then, it looks like the former friends have patched things up!

During an appearance on Sirius XM, Louis was, of course, asked about the beef between him and Zayn.

"Me and Zayn have spoken recently," he explained. "We’ve got to a point now where, you know, we can just really be happy for each other. Things have happened in the past, of course. Yeah, it’s great. His first song is an absolute smash."


OK, hopes for a 1D reunion have been restored.

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