Louis Tomlinson holds hands with a girl at Glastonbury festival

Which obvs means they're getting married. ARE WE RIGHT?

In news that might break your heart, Louis Tomlinson was spotted holding hands with a pretty brunette lady at a festival at the weekend. And no, it wasn't Eleanor Calder.

L-dog and Niall were having a right old jolly at Glastonbury festival in the UK when a cheeky little photographer snapped El Tommo linking digits with the girl backstage.

The picture was really expensive and we'd have had to not eat for a month to be able to afford it so soz, if you want to see it have a peek here, then come back and we'll chat about it. (Our deepest apologies, but we just really like food and there's loads of recipes on Pinterest we're itching to burn in our oven.)

Thoughts? We've done some digging and the girl is a model called Tamara Bell who's actually already mates with the boys - we refer you to the following phootgraphic evidence of her reading 50 Shades of Vom with a fresh-faced Harry Styles, and hanging out with hairdresser extraordinaire Lou Teasdale:

So Louis COULD be pashing her senseless but then he could also just be mates holding hands in a "come along, we're going over here" sorta way, 'cos it's a little-known fact that guys and girls can be friends without wanting to lock lips. CRAZY.

Also, the cynic in us sees Louis' smirk and thinks him and T-Bell might be doing it on purpose to have a laugh at the publications who'll get in a flap and write about it. Kinda like us. Awks.