Louis Tomlinson has been ~direct-messaging~ Louisa Johnson

~OooOOooOOH~ does this mean what we think it does?

On the other side of the world over in the UK, Miss Louisa Johnson is currently living her best life. Srsly.

The girl who seriously is a doppelgänger of Kendall Jenner, a talented singer and all-round nice gal recently revealed that she’s been receiving direct messages from the one person who you’d NEVER read then hit the unread button…

Yep, Louis Tomlinson.

In a recent interview with the Mirror, Louisa revealed that Louis has dm’d her, "Louis Tomlinson direct messaged me."

envisions #Louisie as an actual couple holding hands


Before y’all started to panic, Louisa reiterated that it was just a friendly message, explaining, “He just said, 'Good luck'. It was nice to have support. I replied, saying, 'Thanks so much'. He's just a normal person."


To make all of y’all even more comfortable with this news, Louisa added that Louis is “not her type.”

Well, damn, let’s all have a chocolate milkshake to celebrate that news! XOXO