Louis Tomlinson’s mum deleted EVERY photo of Freddie from Instagram


By Sammy Stewart


Louis Tomlinson's sass-kween mumma Johanna Deakin or ~Jay~ AND his twin sisters have deleted EVERY.SINGLE.PHOTO.OF.FREDDIE.EVER.

Why? NO FLIPPING IDEA. But the fandom is losing it.

As soon as the deleting spree started spreading on Twitter, baby Mama Briana immediately unfollowed Louis AND Jay from Instagram.

So what on earth is the deal? Well, according to the fandom it's all got to do with ~privacy~. Basically, anyone who follows Briana on Snapchat is well aware that she posts a picture of Freddie at least once a day and apparently the Tomlinson/Deakin clan just aren't cool with lil Freddie being in the public eye.

To make this even fishier, over the weekend Bri was papped along with her mum, cousin Ashley Jessica AND Freddie during a day out in Malibu, and we're not saying anything BUT...

The fangirls have an idea of what's going on...

Very interesting. Funnily enough, Bri is still following Harry and we're still not sure what that's all about.