Larry shippers are freaking out over THIS photo of Louis visiting Harry in Dunkirk

Could it be?

By Sammy Stewart

In the history of time, there have been some things that science can't quite explain.

There's Bigfoot for example...

There's the Loch Ness Monster:

And now we ~may~ have a Larry Stylinson post-hiatus reunion on our hands. Super observant fangirls who honestly should be working for the CIA have spotted a famililar looking figure visiting the set of Harry's film Dunkirk in France and low-key are convinced it's Louis Tomlinson.

FYI if you're new to the fandom and are wondering why the hell we're freaking out, basically it's a strongly believed theory that Louis and Harry are in ~lurVe~.

Anyways, fangirls immediatly started to gather evidence to support their theory, starting off with the shoe similarities.

While others believe that the photo was taken last week which would explain WHY we haven't seen Louis around LA like we normally do...

Regardless of the evidence, fans were just feeling #BLESSED about the whole ordeal.

HOWEVER, in a plot twist of events, not long after the photo of this ~mysterious~ Louis lookalike went viral, Louis' GF Danielle Campbell posted a photo of her really cute dogs AND who's standing in the background...?!


But this little complication didn't phase the Larries whatsoever, with many believing it's all part of the big grand ~set up~...

There's no way of really knowing who it was, but like all unexpainable theories on earth, we'll let YOU be the judge.